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home inspection of wny image"Home inspection" is not a phrase that conjures up much in the way of excitement, is it? In fact, for a lot of people, “home inspection” conjures up feelings of dread. Why? Well, a lot of people. have reason to believe that paying someone to do a home inspection just makes the property buying process that much more stressful and complicated (not to mention more expensive). But, the home inspection part of buying a new property doesn’t need to make you feel that way at all!

I am Paul Kleindienst, and I’ve been in the home remodeling business since 1983. I’ve bought and remodeled many homes and have learned many things through real-world experiences, both good and bad. In 1992 I became a vocational buildings maintenance instructor and upon retiring from that career in 2010 I decided to become a licensed home inspector. I wanted to make use of my years of experience to help home buyers just like you avoid those mistakes that I made when I was first in the property buying business.

I do my home inspection work the right way. I make sure that I help you and actually earn every dollar you’ll pay me for my services.

I ensure that my service is valuable to you, and that I actually help you make a better property buying decision than you otherwise may. I take the time to clearly explain all of my findings to you. From me, you get real answers to your very legitimate concerns.

My home inspection process is thorough from start to finish. Once my inspection is complete, I provide you with a concisely written report, with every important detail of what I have found for you spelled out--right then and there!

I don't consider my home inspection work to be finished until all of your questions are answered. You see, I’m an independent home inspector. What that means for you is that I only have one party to answer to: you. I’m not trying to make any extra money for some agency. All I have to care about is inspecting your prospective property and ensuring that you’re getting your money’s worth, not just from me but from the property that you buy.

My home inspection gives the once-over (and more!) to a home’s:

  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Roofing system
  • Central cooling system
  • Foundation structure
  • Heating system
  • Plumbing systems
  • Electrical systems

Let me help you make the best home buying decision that you possibly can with my home inspection service! Contact me at:
Lake Shore Home Inspection
8762 Hammond Dr.
Eden, NY 14057